2024 Pool Opening Service

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your pool! Please note the following information to make your pool opening experience an excellent one.

Please contact us at info@finnpools.ca to find out the opening cost for your pool.

What we do:

  • We will clean and fold up the winter cover, spray off the patio area around the pool perimeter, install pool railings / ladders, brush the pool walls, and get the pool equipment ready for operation.

    Please Note: A licensed Gas Tech is required if the pool heater does not fire up by the ignition switch. We can provide the name of a specialist if needed.

  • We will start up the system if there is enough water in the pool. We will then complete a visual review over the exposed pool lines to ensure there are no leaks.
  • If we are unable to start your equipment due to low water levels in your pool, we will leave your garden hose in the pool for you to top up and start the pool once the level is appropriate. If you notice a pool line is leaking, please shut down the system and contact us so we can send a technician to make sure the system is connected as it should be.
  • We will test the water and add necessary chemicals to begin clearing up the pool water and establishing pool water balance. We recommend getting a water sample test following the opening for additional treatments as required and for ongoing water balance.
  • If you have a Maytronics Dolphin M400 or S200 we will clean the filters and put the automated vacuum in the pool to begin cleaning the floor and walls.

Additional costs for pool opening apply for the following services:

  • Clip-in Vinyl or Tarp Winter Cover
    $50.00 plus tax
  • Tarp and Water Bags Winter Cover
    $100.00 plus tax
  • Inground Spa requiring opening in addition to the pool
    $150.00 plus tax
  • Above Ground Pool larger than 20’ round
    $50.00 plus tax
  • Rinse Cartridge Filter, Supply Cleaner (by request only)
    $50.00 plus tax
  • Supply and install new Hayward or Jacuzzi Return Faceplates
    $10.00 ea. plus tax
  • Reconnect pool solar heating system
  • Add Shock
  • Add Baking Soda
    $12.00 per bag plus tax

Your to-do checklist:

  • Have your pool area and pool equipment clear and accessible.
  • Confirm all plugs, returns, ladders, diving boards (removed pieces) are accounted for and accessible.
  • Provide access to and use of your nearest exterior hose bib (tap).
  • If you have a clip-in vinyl cover, please have a watertight container ready and accessible for summer storage of the cover.
  • Have a tarp or garbage pails ready for leaf debris from the winter cover (clip-in or tarp winter covers only).

PLEASE NOTE the following:

  • Salt Cells will not function properly until the pool water temperature is above 65 degrees.
  • Clients that drain water off the winter cover before the crew arrives do not get a discounted rate.
  • Vacuuming the pool is not included.
  • Balancing the water chemistry is not included.
  • A return visit may be required (upon request) when the pool temperatures have risen to complete the set up for pools with fully automated pool equipment.
  • We do not repair damaged or faulty solar heating systems.
  • We will not install drop in steps as part of the pool opening.
  • Debris removed from the winter cover (clip-in or tarp) will be placed in piles around the pool. If a tarp or garbage pails are not provided, piles will be made on the patio at the discretion of the opening crew.
  • Additional travel expenses may be applied for clients outside of the GHA.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions. info@finnpools.ca or 905-679-8937

We hope you enjoyed the winter season, and we look forward to getting you ready for summer with your pool opening!
We are here to help, so please contact us anytime throughout the pool season if you require any pool assistance.